Tetris Model Gallery

Many arrangement and installation possibilities

Apartment buildings and tenement houses

The Pakomatic machine made of stainless steel attracts with its aesthetics.

Inside the tenement house
Pakomatic boxes equipped with the new Tetris 2.0 lock. Made of stainless steel. Lock flush with the surface of the door.

Building cage
Pakomatic Tetris installation - 9 boxes of different sizes.

Pakomatic PJK zone
Pakomatic Tetris boxes integrated into a coherent postal zone. 16 boxes will allow for comfort of reception even for a large housing estate.

Outside the building

It is possible to install the Tetris Model outside the building. This allows easy access for the courier and the resident.

At the entrance to the estate
Pakomatic boxes built into the entrance. The play of light, solids and properly selected fonts make the entrance to the estate unique. As part of the implementation, we provide comprehensive solutions, e.g. Pakomatic boxes and letter boxes.

In the center of the estate
Pakomatic boxes hung outside the building, equipped with a roof. Different sizes of boxes folded into a symmetrical shape. The whole is made of acid-resistant steel.

At the entrance to the building
Boxes handling parcels mounted outside the staircase. They were installed on legs in front of the cage.

The vending machine is installed in a separate and roofed part of the common estate. The functional room combines the post office, bicycle room and guarded entrance to the estate.

Installations inside the building

Pakomatic Tetris are also intended for indoor use. Due to the great possibilities of adaptation, they can be installed in the hall or in the cage space. These boxes can be installed in the central point of the building or in individual staircases.

Inside the cage
Boxes mounted inside the cage in an accessible place on the ground floor of the building.

Inside the hall with mailboxes
The Pakomatic model installed inside the building in the zone intended for the postman and couriers. It fits very well with typical mailboxes. The model is additionally equipped with a shelf for newspapers.

Terrace estates and cottages

Residents of terraced houses often located in the suburbs also have problems with receiving parcels. From now on, you can install one installation of Tetris Caches in a shared location and enjoy the ease of collecting parcels.

Service for a housing estate
Tetris boxes can be installed in a housing estate. The installation can be made in a convenient place indicated by the management.

How to order?

We can customize solution for unique character of every building