Click & Collect success

From concept to solution implementation in 4 steps.
Step 1. Requirement analysis Requirement analysis
1. The project starts with an analysis of your requirements.
Step 2. Customized solution Customized solution
2. We will develop the machine together with you. With us you can choose any number of boxes. We cater for sizes from letters to shopping carts. 2. We will develop the machine together with you.
Step 3. Successful pilot Successful pilot
3. Successful piloting is a step to project success.
Step 4. Scaling a proven solution Scaling the solution
4. After a successful pilot, you know which machine will work best. Scaling will maximize your return on investment. 4. Scaling will maximize ROI.

Why deploy Click & Collect?

50% saving employees time
20% increase in the number of transactions
23% increase in customer satisfaction
Click & Collect is a way to implement an omni-channel strategy. You reach your customers through an online channel. And thanks to the convenient and free C&C delivery option in your store, you increase the number of visitors to the facility. You use the growing popularity of online shopping to grow your business. Pakomatic solutions will allow you to increase satisfaction with customer service and loyalty of buyers.

Cooperation with Pakomatic

If you base your solution on a typical delivery process - we have a ready solution for you. However, the unique value of Pakomatic is the individual structure of the machine and the ability to customize the software. Integration between the systems will also enable consistent communication with end customers.
  • Collaboration

    The Pakomatic team works with you to create the solution.

  • Design

    We will make a 3D design and a realistic visualization of the machine. You will see how the machine fits into its intended place.

  • Box solution

    Quick implementation thanks to a ready-made solution.

  • Technology

    The solution is based on modern mobile technologies, wireless communication and a proprietary locking mechanism.

  • Software personalization

    As the creators of the system, we will integrate and personalize the software.

  • ROI

    The project with Pakomatic is a great potential for a quick return.

Smart lock technology

  • Modern interface

    The technology of the Pakomatic solution is based on modern communication solutions - Smart Lock. We made the closing mechanism intelligent.
  • Client

    Use a one-time code that is entered on the Smart Lock keyboard.
  • Supplier

    Supports Smart Lock via mobile app. During deliveries, customers can pick up their parcels.

Solution architecture

  • Client

    Enters a unique code on the lock's keypad
  • Supplier

    Delivers via mobile app
  • System in the Cloud

    The entire business process and communication is supervised by the Cloud system
  • Partner

    By means of IT interfaces, Pakomatic integrates with the Partner's systems.


  • Machine park

    We cooperate with the largest companies making metal cabinets in Poland. Pakomatic partners have the most modern machine park in the country.
  • Quality

    High quality as standard. Solutions exported to 33 countries around the world, including Scandinavia.

Examples of solutions

  • Classic Module

    In the solution, we use a uniform cabinet with Smart Lock. It consists of 12 boxes. Dimensions of boxes from 20 cm to 60 cm high. Depth 50 cm.

  • Application

    Intended for e-commerce companies, courier companies and communities. Scaling is done by adding more cabinets.

  • Customized module

    The machine has been designed so that all lockers have the same size, at the same time a large depth of 80 cm.

  • Application

    Customized solution for e-commerce companies that use parcels up to 80 cm long. Sizes matched to the dimensions of the assortment.

  • Large size

    A solution designed for issuing bulky parcels, including trolleys. Possibility of adapting to the individual model of the trolley that the company has at its disposal.

  • Application

    Support for Click & Collect points in e-commerce companies from the sports, construction and furniture industries.



  • Do I need to change my current systems?

    No, we will integrate the machine with your current customer service systems. The whole solution can also function without integration with the customer's systems.

  • Can the machine work outdoors?

    Yes. Pakomatic provides solutions that can function outdoors.

  • Does the customer need an application to pick up the parcel?

    NO. The customer will receive all the information needed to pick up the parcel in an SMS or e-mail.