Collection of purchases in 2024

Safer living

New realities prompt us to take special precautions. Thanks to Pakomatic machines, your residents will receive parcels without contact with the supplier, without queues, in their own building. Ask for a quote.

Click & Collect

If you need a ready-made solution to improve your online sales channel as quickly as possible, we have solutions for you. We will offer easy to personalize harware and IT systems for Click & Collect. Read More or email us.

Pakomatic Pacel boxes deployments

Letterboxes are just the beginning of a functional postal area. From now on, you can also design Pakomatic Boxes together with the storage boxes. With their help, tenants will collect parcels in the same way as letters. The flexibility of the Pakomatic solution allows you to install parcel boxes both inside and outside the building.

Pakomatic Internal - Model 2.0

Skrzynki paczkowe Pakomatic PJK zewnętrzne

Pakomatic Outside - Model 2.0

Skrzynki paczkowe Pakomatic PJK zewnętrzne

Internal Pakomatic Boxes

Skrzynki paczkowe Pakomatic PJK zewnętrzne

Company mailroom

Pakomatic MailRoom w firmie

Click & Collect

We build solutions based on Pakomatic Tetris models. Issuing parcels at the collection point, courier point or mail room service has never been so easy.


Rozwiązania Click&Collect

Click & Collect Large Size

Skrzynki paczkowe Pakomatic PJK zewnętrzne

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