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Design a modern and functional postal area


The Pakomatic Tetris Boxes model gives you the freedom to design the postal zone in accordance with your ideas and adapted to the dimensions of the building. It's as easy as stacking blocks. The Tetris model is battery-powered, so you can arrange individual boxes in symmetrical or completely original patterns. Compose layouts with letterboxes symmetrically or alternately. More in Designs and Inspirations.

Fact 1: the post office is the most visited place in the building.

The post office area is the most visited common area in the mixed-use building among all the amenities.


Residents receive mail the same day


Residents review the mail as soon as it is received


People are eagerly awaiting new mail

Fact 2: the parcel market is already bigger than the letter market.

Year 2015 according to Report of the Postal Institute was a breakthrough year. It was 4 years ago that the courier market for the first time overtook the letter market. Since then, it has not slowed down and has been growing at a rate of 20% y/y. The letter market, on the other hand, is down by several percent. Therefore, it is necessary to change the way of creating postal zones.


so many times bigger the market for parcels than for letters

Fact 3: This year 25 parcels will be delivered to one apartment.

In 2019, on average, an apartment will be ordered online 25 times. This gives about 2,500 parcels for a building with 100 apartments. Traditional letterboxes do not allow the delivery of parcels. And this is associated with unnecessary stress for the resident whether the parcel will reach him safely. Taking care of the comfort of residents and the aesthetics of the building is now possible thanks to a new type of infrastructure supporting parcels - Pakomatic Boxes.


So many shipments per 1 flat in 2019

At Pakomatic, we know how many priority issues there are when designing multi-family buildings. However, it is worth looking at the statistics which make it clear that the postal area is 1 out of all amenities.

By paying more attention to the post office area, you will easily win the hearts of future residents and emphasize the uniqueness of the building.

Imagine that you are conducting a meeting with a client who intends to buy a flat. The first impression is very important. Give him nice information that he didn't expect, that he will pick up his orders from Allegro in his own building - will it not be remembered by the customer?

Installation of Pakomatic Lockers

Skrzynki Pakomatic PJK

Pakomatic boxes are the first Intelligent Parcel Boxes. They are now an indispensable element in housing estates. They have been designed to meet the needs of a modern man. The innovative solution eliminates the so-called The "last mile problem" or the difficulty with the delivery of the package. Currently, our solution is used by many developers as a standard in all new buildings. In this way, satisfied customers highly appreciate the aesthetics and convenience of using the boxes. They no longer have to worry about sudden plans preventing them from picking up the package.

Elements of the Post Zone


Letterboxes - The basis of each postal zone are letter boxes. There should be one for each apartment. We offer you modern and high-quality letterboxes. Careful workmanship will ensure long-term satisfaction of residents.


Pakomatic PJK boxes are parcel boxes designed to handle courier shipments. This solution gives the modern man, who lives intensively, the comfort of picking up a parcel in his own building. Parcel boxes are consistent and flush with letter boxes because they are made of the same materials. They perfectly match the entire zone.

In the Pakomatic Boxes solution, a pool of boxes is used, from which the currently free box during delivery is allocated. This allows you to optimally use the space by installing fewer boxes than the number of apartments, but of different sizes. We recommend an average of 1 box per 10 apartments. You can find out more about the number of mailboxes at calculator.


Pakomatic Lock When creating the Pakomatic solution, we were guided by the goal of making our solution widely available to residents. Therefore, the Pakomatic Lock has two interfaces. One is remote - available to the courier. It is with its help that he can easily deliver the package. The second is the keyboard. This is what the resident uses when collecting the parcel. On average, it takes 15 seconds to enter the code and pick up the parcel.


Showcase - This is a place of communication within the housing community. This is where residents will read important announcements and information. The solution is also widely used in housing estates.


Shelf - allows you to leave local newspapers or leaflets. At the same time, it is an ideal complement to the block in the case of, for example, an indivisible number of premises.

Jak działa Pakomatic

  • Parcel handling - Pakomatic boxes are an essential element of every postal zone. They handle parcels and other shipments with dimensions exceeding the letterbox drop box. Placement or collection of the shipment takes place by opening the door secured with a special Pakomatic Lock.
  • Shared boxes - Pakomatic boxes are a common pool of boxes for all residents. They are shared, so there is no need to design as many of them as letterboxes. During delivery, the system allocates a free box.
  • Ease of use - The resident receives the parcel with a one-time PIN, which he receives in an SMS. All you have to do is enter the PIN on the keypad of the lock.
  • The Pakomatic Smart Lock- is operated by telephone and keyboard. It therefore allows access for all customers, even those without a smartphone.
  • Open system - simple and available for every courier, laundry or catering company.
  • Integrated - mailboxes installed at the development stage, e.g. together with letterboxes. Then there is one zone available for the postman and all couriers. It is also possible to install it in the center of the estate.
  • Thought-out and proven in practice - In order to optimize the number of handled shipments, boxes of various sizes are selected. Their size is always a multiple of the Pakomatic PJK letter boxes, which is why they are flush, integrated and consistent.
  • Optimal selection of the number - In the case of Pakomatic boxes - in order to optimize space and handle boxes of various sizes - a minimum of 1 box per 10 apartments should be provided. We also invite you to calculator.

Jak dobrać liczbę skrytek?

Choosing the right number of parcel lockers is associated with a conversion rate for apartments. The minimum assumption is 1 box per 10 apartments. Then we suggest dividing the size distribution, where at least half of the Pakomatic model should be composed of Tetris 20 boxes, and the rest from Tetris 40. Taking care of individual needs and the character of the building, it is worth installing more boxes if it allows the geometry of the building and the postal zone.

To help you calculate the appropriate number of mailboxes, we have prepared a calculator:

The recommended numbers are on average:
1 Pakomatic box for 10 apartments

Number calculator Pakomatic lockers

Number of apartments:

min. Pakomatic number:

Comfort Pakomatic number:

  • 14
  • 20

Good installation practices for Pakomatic PJK boxes:

When planning the installation of boxes, it is worth asking yourself a few questions.

  • Will Pakomatic boxes be close to residents?
    Try to avoid remote areas of the estate, where most residents are far away.
  • Are the boxes visible and accessible to the resident and the courier?
    The right location in a visible place is the comfort and certainty of the received parcel.
  • Is the height of their installation comfortable and accessible to most residents?
    Make sure that the installation height is min. 30 cm from the bottom edge of the box. The Tetris 40 box model has a lock at a height of 20 cm. Installed according to the recommendations gives an acceptable 60 cm from the ground.
  • Is the device in a safe place?
    It is best if the device is provided inside a building or in a visible, easily accessible place of a closed housing estate.
  • Is the device under a roof?
    It is not necessary, but recommended. It will certainly be more convenient for the residents to collect the parcel during unfavorable weather conditions under the roof.
  • Is the device not installed in a reinforced concrete room without GSM coverage?
    It is very important that there is at least a minimum GSM range in the room intended for installation. It is required to use the device. Therefore, we advise against installations, e.g. in underground garages.
Instalacja Skrytek Pakomatic

Which location to choose?


We recommend installing the Boxes inside the building, thanks to which the resident will easily collect the parcels:

  • It is best to install them together with mailboxes - in the same zone available for a courier or postman.
  • As close to the resident as possible, e.g. in the same building. In the central hall or in each stairway
  • Inside the building - even packages with electronics or cosmetics will survive winter evenings
  • Consistent and integrated with the entire zone.

EXTERNAL - e.g. the central point of the estate

  • It is also possible to install Pakomatic in the central point of the estate or in several points.
  • In this case, ease of accessibility for a courier or postman is important Therefore, you still need to remember about the proximity to the residents.
  • The Location of Caches should be in a visible and possibly safe place.
  • We suggest designing the device in such a way that it is accessible to every resident.


  • We do not recommend designing low, standing columns, e.g. 4 boxes standing from the ground, because that way they would be very low down and would be cumbersome to use. In this case, the boxes should either be hung or additional accessories such as feet should be used - to place the column at a higher height.
  • We also recommend placing the boxes in a roofed place, which will protect the device and the resident against a direct stream of water.

Examples of locations for installing Pakomatic boxes

Type Building

RECESSED - built-in

The boxes are built inside the wall.
Instalacja Skrytek Pakomatic
  • Recessed
  • 20 mm angle cladding
  • Covering all 4 sides
  • It requires the preparation of a precise
    recess in the building partition
  • Special lock for outdoor use
  • Optional - external and acid-resistant
  • System Boxes (possibility of making any configuration of a set of letterboxes)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Standard finish
  • Placement and collection of correspondence
    on the front of the mailbox
RECESSED - partially built-in

Boxes are partially built into the wall.
Pakomatic Cache Installation
  • stainless
  • Inside
  • Recessed
  • Cladding made of 1 mm acid-proof sheet
  • Covering all 4 sides
  • It requires the preparation of a precise
    recess in the building partition
  • System Boxes (possibility of making any configuration of a set of letterboxes)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Standard finish
  • Placement and collection of correspondence
    on the front of the mailbox

The boxes are screwed to the wall or to the building.
Instalacja Skrytek Pakomatic
  • Acid-resistant
  • Outside
  • Recessed
  • Acid-resistant cladding on all 4 sides
  • The possibility of using a visor
  • Installation on the building or on legs

Free-standing boxes are installed
on acid-resistant legs.
Instalacja Skrytek Pakomatic
  • Outside
  • When using feet, it is necessary to prepare the base, e.g. to make a screed
  • Acid-resistant cladding on all 4 sides
  • The use of legs or a roof.
  • Made of acid-resistant steel
  • Standard finish
  • Placement and collection of correspondence
    on the front of the mailbox

What zones do architects design?

Prestige Zone

Prestige Zone

The Prestige model is a combination of letterboxes and Pakomatic. The parcel boxes have been integrated as the bottom row. Two Tetris Boxes 20 and one Tetris Box 40 are installed alternately.

This way of connecting ensures that you can predict the right number of Pakomatic Boxes at once. There are 1.5 parcel boxes per column of letterboxes. The advantage of this installation is the optimal use of space.

Strefa Zebra

Strefa Zebra

As the name suggests, in this model columns of letterboxes and Pakomatic boxes are installed alternately. The configuration can be used when there is a lot of space in the width of the cage or hall. The great advantage of this solution is placing the Pakomatic at the same height as the letterboxes. It can be used in smaller installations, e.g. smaller buildings, or in each staircase.

Strefa Symetria

Strefa Symetria

The zone demonstrates the possibilities of composing boxes and the possibilities of implementation by Pakomatic PJK. Additional Pakomatic Mailboxes can also complement the symmetry of letterboxes in the case of, for example, an odd number of flats. This gives coherence and symmetry to the zone.

Strefa Wschód - Zachód

Strefa Symetria

The zone allows you to add any number of columns on the right or left side. This is a very common solution. Pakomatic boxes can be placed on one side, and an information display case on the other. The advantage is the possibility of placing letter boxes and Pakomatic at the same height.

Additional Pakomatic accessories

Protects against moisture, is mounted outdoors when:

  • The device is hung or placed on legs
  • It is located in an unroofed place

The legs are additional accessories of the boxes that we offer you in the case of:

  • If it is not possible to hang the box outside
  • They provide stable mounting, while ensuring
    the right height
  • Requires proper preparation of the substrate or screed.

Finish material

  • stainless steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coated in colors from the RAL palette

Color palette

The boxes can be painted in colors from the RAL palette
The RAL color palette shows color standardization.

How to order?

We can customize solution for unique character of every building