Parcel lockers for small and medium businesses

  • On your terms

    Set up your own vending machine and issue parcels 24 hours a day.

  • Contactless releases

    Spend without contact and in an automated way.

  • Comprehensive solution

    You will get everything you need. Automation and software.

  • Capacity and scalability

    The basic module has 8 boxes of 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. For larger needs, use two or more.

Parcel locker

  • 8 capacious boxes

    The machine consists of 8 boxes with dimensions of 40 cm x 40 cm x 60 cm. You will deliver most of your products. Each cache is equipped with Smart Lock Pakomatic Tetris 2.0

  • Roof and plinth

    The roof and the plinth allow the machine to operate in various conditions.

  • Easy to install

    It does not require an internet connection or an electrical outlet. Thanks to this, you can place it where you want.

Mobile app and Smart Lock

  • Modern interface

    The technology of the Pakomatic solution is based on the Pakomatic Tetris smart lock. It has two interfaces to operate.
  • Client

    Uses a one-time code that is typed on the keypad of the lock.
  • Supplier

    Operates the lock via mobile app. During deliveries, customers can pick up their parcels.

Web panel

The set also includes a web panel with the necessary functionalities.

  • Delivery history

    In the web panel you can view delivery data. Thanks to this, you can see what is happening in the machine.

  • List of parcel boxes

    See which boxes contain which shipments.

  • Reports

    You will get access to reports. View statements of how many packages you have delivered and how much you have saved.

  • Settings and configuration

    Configure employee access to the web panel or mobile application.



  • How will the customer receive the PIN?

    We will automatically generate a PIN and send it to the customer as an SMS.

  • Can the machine work outdoors?

    Yes. Pakomatic provides solutions that can function outdoors.

  • Does the customer need an application to pick up the parcel?

    NO. The customer will receive all the information needed to pick up the parcel in an SMS or e-mail.